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You’ve got to give the Chutzpah Award to director Roland Emmerich. In his action dreszczowiec Świat w płomieniach online he’s competing not just with the recent similarly themed „Olympus Has Fallen, ” but himself: How to trump your own signature scene in „Independence Day”, oraz obraz in which an predator spaceship wipes out the home of the Obok. S. President? Breaking out of the apocalyptic mode he’s known for, including destruction iżby climate change in „The Day After Tomorrow, ” and in „2012, ” he goes with shameless but clever self-homage. Early into „White House Down, ” right around the time the Capitol building is destroyed, oraz voice is heard: „Just like in ‚Independence Day. ‚”

This time it’s an inside job; aliens not required, what with right-wing sociopaths, white supremacists, and assorted bureaucrats with nasty agendas right here in the homeland. The tytuł also hits us subliminally: Is the White House really Our House? And how much does it hurt us when it’s attacked?
In „White House Down, ” Channing Tatum plays John Cale, oraz Capitol Hill police officer, Afghanistan vet and divorcé. He can’t make the grade of security guard for the President because he was oraz bit of oraz slacker, tuz his Secret Service interviewer (Maggie Gyllenhaal) reminds him. So it’s oraz sad moment when he has to pick up his waiting daughter Emily (Joey King). Skipping over the bad wiadomość, he instead offers oraz White House tour. Suddenly oraz paramilitary force commandeers the grunty and threatens to początek World Ukrop III. Wrong grunty, right time for Cale, tuz he becomes the bezsprzecznie presidential protector after all, though in the extreme straddle position of having to cover the President and rescue Emily when she is taken hostage.

Regret is oraz great motivator. I’d like to have one of these guilt-driven security guys protecting me: Clint Eastwood in „In The Line of Fire” (1993) who failed to save the life of John F. Kennedy; „Olympus Has Fallen” bodyguard (Gerard Butler), who did rescue the president, but not the first lady; Channing Tatum specifically, for every „Sexiest Man Alive” reason, walor his dance-trained agility and his desire to impress and bond with his estranged daughter.

In other near-clone comparisons, you can’t help but think the „Die Hard” franchise, with its alienated kids (as in the latest „Die Hard, ” Emily even calls her father John for oraz while before breaking through to „Dad. „) The „Die Hard” franchise has so run its course that the only real pleasure left is finding out how much punishment McClane can take. Cale doesn’t get tuz brutalized iżby battle tuz John McClane, though he takes many knocks.

In Świat w płomieniach online ” the wisecracks are spread out, Tatum being too much of oraz sweetheart type to deliver all of them. The evil computer genius who gains control of Norad squeals „Don’t touch my toys. ” When the President and Cale commandeer the Presidential limo (quite oraz car chase upgrade! ), and after Sawyer remembers the backseat will not be appropriate for riding shotgun, he starts shooting. „That’s something you don’t see every day” says an amazed aide, watching from afar. The script, iżby James Vanderbilt of „The Amazing Spider-Man, ” is hip. Bad enemy boys can be diabetic; oraz White House tour guide (a truly witty turn iżby Nicolas Wright) begs the marauders to be careful of the national artifacts.

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