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28 Sty

Zapraszam do obejrzenia premiery filmu Akademia wampirów !!

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Saint. Vladimir’s School is not simply any kind of boarding school—it’s a concealed location wherever ghosts tend to be informed within the methods for miracle as well as half-human teenagers teach to safeguard all of them. Increased Hathaway is really a Dhampir, the body guard on her closest friend Lissa, the Moroi Goule Little princess. Akademia wampirów online They have already been away from home, great they are becoming pulled returning to Saint. Vladimir’s—the really location wherever they are the majority of at risk….Akademia wampirów online
Increased as well as Lissa turn out to be enmeshed within unacceptable love, the actual Academy’s callous interpersonal picture, as well as unspeakable night ceremonies. However they should be cautious however the actual Strigoi—the planets fiercest and many harmful vampires—make Lissa one of these permanently.

Akademia wampirów online
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Opublikował/a w dniu 28 stycznia 2014 w Akcja, Fantasy


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